FinOps Government SIG Meeting - Biweekly

Special Interest Group: Government
Mon, Oct 10, 1:00 PM (EDT)

This is the biweekly meeting of the FinOps Foundation special Interest group for government. Every other Monday we meet to discuss FinOps and Cloud in government, share information, and discuss topics that are specific challenges to government cloud users.

About this event

This is the biweekly meeting of the FinOps Foundation Special Interest Group (SIG) for government. Following on the important work done by the previous US Federal Government Working Group in creating a government playbook for FinOps adoption, this SIG allows government FinOps practitioners and those who support them to meet to discuss challenges in FinOps and Cloud faced by the government. Specific topics will include forecasting, procurement challenges, adoption, and unit metrics. 

As a SIG, this group can also sponsor working groups, which are expected to follow on to earlier work, and come out of lessons learned by the GSA's FinOps Pilot participants. Related topics such as TBM, ITAM, Zero Trust and other cloud topics may also be discussed. 

Come and meet with colleagues, learn from one another, and help to drive FinOps practice throughout the governments of the world. 


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